The only way to invest in your future, is to create it now.


Dorota Stanczyk combines her knowledge about art, consciousness and personal growth to create inspiring, transformational talks, keynotes and workshops all around the world. She not only teaches people how to tap into their biggest creative potential, providing specific scientifically and psychologically proven tools, in addition she also shows how to have a happier and more fulfilling life with full acceptance of who we are. 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Wayne Dyer

Individual Coaching


I offer personal one on one intuitive coaching sessions that focus on unblocking our power to create exactly the reality we choose. From finding limiting self - perceptions, hidden beliefs and sabotaging mechanisms, we learn how to free ourselves and re-create who we are, with the full expression of our deepest emotions.


Conscious Creativity


Conscious Creativity Keynote is an exploration into the power of creativity; how to access our imagination and stimulate our deeper thinking. What influences our creativity, how do people perceive our ideas, and how mediums transform the message?


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Artup Academy


This is a powerful, immersive creativity training delivered in various locations around the world for change makers, thought leaders, artists, creators and entrepreneurs of both genders who are ready to fully express and share their gifts with the world.



Freedom from



Freedom from Self-Perception is a workshop about liberation from an image of ourselves that we hold on to, that limits us. We learn how to transform the idea of ourselves into intention and how to open to who we might become without rejecting who we are already.


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We explore the profound discovery and realization of the power of beliefs in the creation of subjective experiences of reality. We also explore some interesting questions surrounding self-deception and whether we are really, truly telling the truth to ourselves. Then discover how our willingness to be vulnerable and truly show ourselves, can transform our lives.

Created with Esmond Baring.


Inspirational Talks

Recently, Dorota was invited to speak at TedxLiege, in Belgium, on “Your Future is Now.”

She has shared her knowledge at Mindvalley Reunion (San Diego) about Self-Love and taught about Conscious Creativity at Mindvalley University (Tallinn), DNX Conference (Lisbon), Nomad Cruise.




Dorota Stanczyk is a polish visual artist, creative director, documentary filmmaker, speaker and writer. Her passion is to combine fine arts with personal growth. She designs exhibitions, events and projects that help people to learn about their consciousness and self-expression and that create transformational experiences.

Recently, Dorota was invited to speak at TedxLiege, in Belgium, on “Your Future is Now.”

She has shared her knowledge at Mindvalley Reunion (San Diego) about Self-Love and taught about Conscious Creativity at Mindvalley University (Tallinn), DNX Conference (Lisbon), Nomad Cruise.

She has worked with brands that include Christian Dior, Alexis Mabill, Nouvelle Vague Music, Under the Influence Magazine and others. Her distinctive aesthetic styling has enabled her to provide unique concepts for her highly visible clients. As a visual artist and video director, Dorota’s talent has been recognised through numerous awards, including Photo Awards for Creative Direction and Oakland Independent Artist’s Award for “Best Music Video.” 

She was the Executive Creative Director of Mindvalley for 2 years. She applied her knowledge to support new, innovative learning approaches and led a 30+ people department of filmmakers, designers, writers and content marketing specialists. After 10 years of working in Visual Arts, Dorota created MoonKava, a creative agency that combines digital and physical arts to conceptualise services and create innovative designs and projects. She also directed a full-length documentary on Enhanced States of Consciousness and wrote a socio-spiritual book on human relationships and self-love. The book critically examines relationships by explaining how people’s behaviours impact their relationships with family, friends and most of all themselves.

She completed her studies at the world-renowned College of Applied Arts ESAA Duperré in Paris. 

From the very beginning, Dorota saw only my truest capabilities, and then lovingly and honestly guided me to realise it for myself. She has shone the brightest of lights on some of the lies I had been telling myself about myself, that were limiting the fullest expression of myself, which in turn was crushing my self belief. Today I am standing taller, more confidently knowing now who I really am, and what I am capable of. I am truly grateful for her insights, her directness and utter commitment to my growth and transformation. Dorota tells it as it is, and was very skilful in empowering me to my own realisations. My business and brand are starting to flourish and my creativity is flowing through me like never before. If any area of your life is looking for a launch forwards, I can only recommend Dorota with the fullest of hearts.
— Esmond Baring

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