Thank you for being interested in our Transformational Relating Training - Bali Canggu, March 23rd & March 30th.

Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting, before becoming.
— Victoria Erickson

Transformational Relating Training methodology ‘(TRT)’ is designed to deepen your understanding of how your mind, energy and consciousness are creating the experiences in your lives, and by applying specific tools and methodologies you can enable, return to, and remember the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life, and the healing power of love.

We curiously look for and dispel any ideas we may have about how we are supposed to be, we examine the potentially damaging role that expectations play in relationships with others, and ourselves. We set ourselves and those we love, free. Free to be who we are.

We explore the role that beliefs play in creating experiences, and how any limitations we may believe about ourselves, or our ability to be in a loving, intimate and joyful relationship can lead to self-sabotaging programs where we ultimately reject ourselves, and therefore any potential depth of intimacy with another. We reframe the relationship with fear; to enable and to empower us, as an indicator of exactly the direction to take, rather than to avoid.

We can become gently acquainted with our shame and our guilt and our anger and realise that our liberation lies with these energies. Furthermore, when we are willing and able to acknowledge where we are in denial and lying to ourselves, and by extension, others the journey to freedom is well underway. ‘TRT’ demonstrates how to let go of any image or idea of who we think we should be, or how we should behave, enabling us to show up, to revel in our raw nakedness, AS we are.

‘TRT’ is for those that are ready for their evolution, and ready for the dispelling of the myths that are creating separation and any barriers to love. We are here in service of the potentiality of love that exists and is sometimes obscured.


One full day workshop (including vegetarian lunch) for couples & individuals.

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What you can expect from the training day?

* Greater self-expression, new perspectives on emotional intelligence/intimacy.

* Discovery of self-sabotaging patterns and programs.

* How your expectations are limiting you and your relationships.

* Shifts in perception and a greater awareness of yourself and all your relationships.

* Specific tools to apply to your own consciousness, life and relationships.

* An experiential understanding of the power of vulnerability.

* Exploration of experiential techniques that promote a deeper connection with others and a freeing up of creative energy.

* Exercises that help us to discover hidden unconscious self-limiting perceptions and assist us to see ourselves from different viewpoints.

* More willingness and freedom to be and express who you are.