The only way to invest in your future, is to create it now.


Dorota Stanczyk combines her knowledge about art, consciousness and personal growth to create inspiring, transformational talks, keynotes and workshops all around the world. She not only teaches people how to tap into their biggest creative potential, providing specific scientifically and psychologically proven tools, in addition she also shows how to have a happier and more fulfilling life with full acceptance of who we are. 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Wayne Dyer

Individual Coaching


I offer personal one on one intuitive coaching sessions that focus on unblocking our power to create exactly the reality we choose. From finding limiting self - perceptions, hidden beliefs and sabotaging mechanisms, we learn how to free ourselves and re-create who we are, with the full expression of our deepest emotions.



Conscious Creativity


This is a powerful, immersive creativity training delivered in various locations around the world for change makers, thought leaders, artists, creators and entrepreneurs of both genders who are ready to fully express and share their gifts with the world. Conscious Creativity Training is an exploration into the power of creativity; how to access our imagination and stimulate our deeper thinking. What influences our creativity, how do people perceive our ideas, and how mediums transform the message?


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TRT is designed to deepen your understanding of how your mind, energy and consciousness are creating the experiences in your lives, and by applying specific tools and methodologies you can create exactly what you desire.

NYOUDE delivers relational coaching, retreats, workshops and trainings for couples and individuals all around the world to heal the relationship we have with ourselves and our others.

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Freedom from



Freedom from Self-Perception is a workshop about liberation from an image of ourselves that we hold on to, that limits us. We learn how to transform the idea of ourselves into intention and how to open to who we might become without rejecting who we are already.


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We explore the profound discovery and realization of the power of beliefs in the creation of subjective experiences of reality. We also explore some interesting questions surrounding self-deception and whether we are really, truly telling the truth to ourselves. Then discover how our willingness to be vulnerable and truly show ourselves, can transform our lives.

Created with Esmond Baring.


Inspirational Talks

Recently, Dorota was invited to speak at TedxLiege, in Belgium, on “Your Future is Now.”

She has shared her knowledge at Mindvalley Reunion (San Diego) about Self-Love and taught about Conscious Creativity at Mindvalley University (Tallinn), DNX Conference (Lisbon), Nomad Cruise.




Dorota Stanczyk is a Polish visual artist, creative director, conscious creativity trainer, speaker and writer. Her passion is to combine fine arts with personal growth. She designs exhibitions, events and projects that help people to learn about their consciousness and self-expression. She creates transformational experiences that combines art and technology and delivers Conscious Creativity Trainings. Dorota also consults on creating strong brands awareness and visual identity for brands and artist all around the world. 

Recently, Dorota was invited to speak at TedxLiege, in Belgium, on “Your Future is Now.” She has shared her knowledge at TOA (Berlin), Mindvalley Reunion (San Diego), Consciousness Hacking (San Francisco), Mindvalley University (Tallinn), DNX Conference (Lisbon), FreedomX (Budapest), Flow Fest (Bali) and Nomad Cruise (Barcelona&Brazil).

She has worked with brands that include Christian Dior, Alexis Mabill, Nouvelle Vague Music, Under the Influence Magazine, 25th Street Recording, Pinna Records and others.  

She was the Executive Creative Director of Mindvalley for 2 years. She applied her knowledge to support new, innovative learning approaches and led a 30+ people department of filmmakers, designers, writers and content marketing specialists. 

After 10 years of working in Visual Arts, Dorota created MoonKava, a creative agency that combines digital and physical arts to conceptualise services and create innovative designs and projects. 

In 2019 Dorota co-founded NYOUDE, educational online platform that delivers relational coaching, retreats, workshops and trainings for couples and individuals all around the world to heal the relationship we have with ourselves and our others. 

She also directed a full-length documentary on Enhanced States of Consciousness and wrote a socio-spiritual book on human relationships and self-love. The book critically examines relationships by explaining how people’s behaviours impact their relationships with family, friends and most of all themselves.

Dorota offers intuitive coaching sessions that focus on unblocking our power to create exactly the reality we choose. From finding limiting self-perceptions, hidden beliefs and sabotaging mechanisms, she teaches how to free ourselves and re-create who we are.



“In is the only way out.” — Sadghuru


SPEAKER at modern Woman festival

3 days⁣, 7 stages with phenomenal workshops, movement, body | October 20th -22nd, Bali

Every day the festival activities are grouped by the theme of the day, represented by one of the archetypes of the female journey. We recognize that inadequate education and unrealistic burdens on women often mean that we do not resolve the issues in accordance with the life stage they come to us. An elderly woman may have issues speaking up, because she has not found her identity at her Maiden days and did not grasp confidence at her Queen stage. Similarly, a young girl will be very interested to learn about the art of letting go – a wisdom brought to her from the Crone archetype.

Transformational 5 day Retreat in the Austrian Alps.

5 days experience for couples & individuals. September 6th-8th, 2020

NYOUDE events are exclusive 5 day transformational experiences in which participants engage in daily experiential workshops, masterminds, energetic bodywork, sensory experiences, sound alchemy & BioDynamic breathing, intuitive guidance, meditation, embodiment sessions and more. You will be guided through emotional blockages, learn to express a deeper and more authentic version of yourself and discover and remove the masks that are keeping you hidden from the world and which stop you from fully loving yourself and others. You will emerge from this experience more deeply connected to your feelings and felt sense of who you are



One day workshop for couples & individuals.

TRT demonstrates how we can deepen our understanding of how our minds, energy & consciousness are creating all of the experiences in our lives, and by applying specific tools and methodologies to the way we think, speak, and feel we can change any area of our lives, and how we relate to our self, to our other, and to love.

Dorota is a talented creative who knows how to inspire and create amazing art. Whether its film, or photography or video, she’s amazing at creating beautiful art. In addition, she’s an amazing speaker on the topic of creativity and inspiration.
— Vishen Lakhiani, NYT Bestselling author, Founder of Mindvalley
From the very beginning, Dorota saw only my truest capabilities, and then lovingly and honestly guided me to realise it for myself. She has shone the brightest of lights on some of the lies I had been telling myself about myself, that were limiting the fullest expression of myself, which in turn was crushing my self belief. Today I am standing taller, more confidently knowing now who I really am, and what I am capable of. I am truly grateful for her insights, her directness and utter commitment to my growth and transformation. Dorota tells it as it is, and was very skilful in empowering me to my own realisations. My business and brand are starting to flourish and my creativity is flowing through me like never before. If any area of your life is looking for a launch forwards, I can only recommend Dorota with the fullest of hearts.
— Esmond Baring, Speaker & Writer
As a scientist, I used to have some resistance towards any psychic related concepts, to put it gently. However, I entrusted Dorota with all my soul. With an open mind and a question at hand there we went digging into my subconscious. What happened next was profound. Within about an hour, she led me to the answers a deeply rooted limiting beliefs, that I never imagined I had. I left with a clarity and insights about myself that have changed my mindset and the way I look at life. Another beautiful insight was a realization that we all hold that inner knowledge and clarity already within us, we just sometimes need some guidance to get us there to see it. That’s what Intuitive Healers do. That’s what Dorota does.
— Joanna Pelc, Former Research Scientist at NASA