Dorota and  Esmond Baring , co-founders of NYOUDE Transformational Relating Methodology.

Dorota and Esmond Baring, co-founders of NYOUDE Transformational Relating Methodology.


One full day Transformational Relating Training for couples & individuals.

Bali Canggu, March 23rd & March 30th


NYOUDE is all about you. You, and your rawness, your wildness, your sensitivity, your sensuality, your passion, your power, and your truth. NYOUDE is about the naked expression of your aliveness as a human being.

Transformational Relating Training methodology (TRT) deepens our understanding and experience of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life, and the healing power of love.

NYOUDE is starting a new conversation in transformational relating, ushering in a new reality paradigm for the way in which we experience and relate to ourselves, and to our others.

The containers of our relationships provide both the sanctuary and the crucible for our transformation, healing, and the depth of connection and intimacy that we all yearn, and dream for.

NYOUDE is for those that are ready for their evolution, and ready for the dispelling of the myths that are creating separation and any barriers to love. We are here in service of the potentiality of love that exists and is sometimes obscured.

What do you believe about relationships? Are those beliefs helpful or impeding to what you are attracting into your lives?

We explore some interesting questions surrounding intimacy, rejection, self-sabotaging programs, shame, and where we are lying to ourselves, and by extension, others. TRT demonstrates how to let go of any image or idea of who we think we should be, or how we should behave, enabling us to show up, to revel in our raw nakedness, AS we are.

We invite you to come on an adventurous exploration of your edges, where your aliveness resides, awaiting expression, to reveal your truest, most authentic and most joyful selves to the world. Your capacity for self-expression holds the keys to your kingdom, and your willingness to enter the cave you fear most, holds all of the treasure you seek.

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