Freedom from Self-Perception


Freedom from Self-Perception is a workshop about liberation from an image of ourselves that we hold on to, that limits us. We learn how to transform the idea of ourselves into intention and how to open to who we might become without rejecting who we are already. The workshop teaches how to let go of an image of who we think we should be and how to let go an image of who we think the others think we should be. Through three different exercises, the workshop reveals our hidden perceptions of ourselves and teaches us how to let go of them. It shows us how to find the comfort in the mystery and how to expand our vision of ourselves rather than limit it. The exercises programme our mind to unframe ourselves and to let go of planning what we should feel, think or have. It encourages us to give ourselves a radical freedom to experience who we truly are with a total acceptance of all our feeling. It creates a shift in perception necessary in order to truly love yourself and experience day to day happiness.